Large organisations rely on the systems and technology behind them more than ever before.

When these systems fail, the consequences without proper preparation can be catastrophic.

Disasters for businesses can come in many forms. Power failure, network issues, natural disasters and good old human error all have the power to put a business down for hours if not days at a time. That's downtime where not only can your staff not do what you pay them to but downtime where you can't provide for your customers - hitting not only your pocket but your reputation as well.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning is essential for organisations looking to mitigate their risk. We sat down with Exmos Managing Director Mark Lynch to discuss the topic, including what businesses should be doing to prepare, common misconceptions and steps you should be taking to make sure you're prepared for the worst. 

Learn about proper DR planning in our eBook Keeping Your Business In Business. 


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